New in 2020: Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura

Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura

I recently went to Kamakura for the first time and as my sightseeing would be spread out, I wanted a hotel close to Kamakura Station. Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura just opened in April 2020, and it is gorgeous. They went with a really open, wooden, organic design which feels clean and relaxing. This hotel is just two minutes away from Kamakura station and you can see the Tori gate leading to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine from some of the rooms.

There is a full Muji store on the ground floor which is especially great if you’re traveling. Need to buy more socks or forgot to pack shoes for the beach? Muji has got you covered. Breakfast during your stay will be at the Muji cafe which is a great place to eat. Plus, they have never-ending salads! It’s usually a salad buffet but due to Covid-19 they will serve you a plate with all their salad options and you can order more when you finish. You can also specify exactly what you like, for example I really enjoyed the hummus and potato salad.

Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura: Rooms and Amenities

I was really impressed by the variety of rooms at this Kamakura Hotel as well as the amount of amenities they include for your room. I stayed in a room which also had a small outdoor patio so that you can enjoy hanging out outside as well. Since we are traveling with a toddler who goes to sleep early, we always look for this kind of option in our hotels so that we can drink and chat after he sleeps without waking him up.

This time I forgot to bring make-up wipes but in the bathroom drawer there was a full face care kit. This included oil, wash, toner, and lotion. Pretty impressive. There was also a razor, cotton, q-tips, bath salts, and cooling packs for travel-weary feet. I’ll be honest, I love stuff. So I was very happy to open that drawer and find SO MUCH STUFF. It was like my birthday.

Hotels in Kamakura: Location, Location, Location

There is great sightseeing in Kamakura itself, with the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu shrine being right in the middle of the city. There is also great shopping and Kamakura is known for its cute cafes and restaurants. Kamakura Station has the Enoden line which will take you towards the Coast (think Shonan and Enoshima) and passes places like Hasedera Temple and the giant Buddha. There are also many buses near the station which will take you to the more out of the way sightseeing places.

Hope you enjoyed my little hotel review, a Kamakura sightseeing post will be coming soon!

Here is the official website for the hotel: Hotel Metropolitan Kamakura

Happy and safe travels!

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