Strange Japanese Vending Machines: Insect Edition

I love vending machines in Japan and I think that is something we can all agree on as a society. During my time here I’ve seen a number of them. Your standard vending machines which have hot and cold drinks (and corn soup in the winter!), the 100 yen drink machines, and the treasure machines. These are gambling machines which you could in theory win something great like tickets to Disneyland, but you could also end up with nothing.

Take a chance to win some treasure at this unique vending machine

There’s alcohol vending machines, though not so many of them now and I’ve only seen them in smaller towns, and cigarette vending machines – which are still really popular.

In a building where all the floors were bars I even found the legendary underwear machine. Used panties all around!

But for the first time the other day I glimpsed something I had never seen before. A vending machine with insect goods. Curious parties can find it near the Namco Arcade inside Nakano Broadway. Nakano Station is just one stop by Chuo Express from Shinjuku and Broadway is a straight walk from the station exit.

Among the offerings were snacks like chocolate covered silkworms and grasshoppers, dried scorpions and tarantulas, and even something to help you make insect udon. The machine also had a little chart to remind you how much protein you would be getting!

The black can on the top left is a mystery button, in case you can’t choose.

Have you seen any interesting vending machines during your travels? I’m always looking for them, though I’m not sure what can top this one!

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Nerdy girl living in Tokyo. Spends too much time playing video games and spacing out in public. Often misses her train stop. I write about traveling in Japan, living in Tokyo, and life as an expat.

9 thoughts on “Strange Japanese Vending Machines: Insect Edition

  1. I love these vending machines on the street. We don’t have them in the U.S. I think I saw beer vending machines in Tokyo. Another Japanese innovation I love are the beer pouring machines I’ve seen in airport lounges!

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  2. That’s so interesting and creepy at the same time haha I do not like bugs at all. Just creep me out. But the fact that Japan has so many interesting vending machines fascinates me! I def need to plan a trip to Japan to see all it has to offer. Love your post๐Ÿ’•

    Grislean |


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