Sakura in the Snow: Photographs of Tokyo

When it comes to weather in central Japan my experience has always been that once March arrives, so does spring. Days quickly grow warmer and sunnier, flowers begin blooming, and everyone starts keeping an eye on the Sakura to see when they should schedule their Hanami, or picnic, with their friends.

This year has been an anomaly for a number of reasons. Spring came on even more intensely than usual, with the cherry blossoms blooming much earlier than expected, and no one was planning their Hanami due to the corona virus. In fact, many of the major parks in Tokyo, such as Ueno and Yoyogi, are closed to the public.

Then Today Happened: A Spring Snowstorm in Tokyo!

While yesterday I was traipsing about outside without a jacket, I woke up this morning to snow. Imagine my shock, especially since this winter Tokyo didn’t have any snow, and here we are in early March with the Sakura fully blooming in the middle of a snowstorm.

Sakura during a snow storm

Still, despite this being a troubling event for many reasons, I was really excited to witness the rare phenomenon of cherry blossoms falling along with snow. I grabbed the camera and headed outside!

The local temple in the snow

These are strange times we are living in. Hope everyone is staying safe!

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Nerdy girl living in Tokyo. Spends too much time playing video games and spacing out in public. Often misses her train stop. I write about traveling in Japan, living in Tokyo, and life as an expat.

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