A Great Beach Near Tokyo: Morito Coast

It’s August in Tokyo. This means that Japanese summer is in full swing, with high temperatures and humidity, and the seemingly endless roar of cicadas. It’s also 2020 so we are all trying to navigate our daily lives as responsibly as we can due to Covid-19. I desperately needed a beach day, but as you can expect many beaches around Tokyo are extremely crowded, so social distancing becomes impossible.

After doing some research I found out about Morito Coast in nearby Kanagawa Prefecture. This beach is easy to get to from Tokyo. We rented a car to avoid contact with people as much as possible, which should have taken about 1.5 hours but there was a big accident and we got rerouted. Despite that it only took about 2 hours. If you want to take public transportation you can get to Zushi Hayama Station by train and the transfer to a bus or take a taxi.

A cute car I found near the beach

About Morito Coast

Morito Coast borders Sagami bay and its location means that there will be little to no waves. As a result it is a great option for families and there were many groups with toddlers and even babies. The beach is clean, and the water is as clear as you can get in this area. There is a small shrine with a little tori gate out on the water so its a great photo stop as well!

Morito Coast has gentle water, so it’s great for toddlers

Parking: There are a few paid parkings in the area but they were all full! We ended up parking in the lot of a supermarket which is great because if you spend enough money you don’t have to pay for parking. I wasn’t sure how local this area would be so I brought snacks but you can get everything you need near the beach.

Restaurants and Amenities: I saw a Starbucks and some stylish looking cafes, and everything was open. There was also a store with a paid shower near the beach. Due to Covid-19 usual beach rentals (parasols, chairs, etc) are not happening. Heat stroke is a real risk so many families brought tents or their own parasols. Plan accordingly!

Boating schools and kayak rentals were all open, if anyone is interested in that.

Crowds: I went on a Sunday and the beach was busy but everyone kept away from each other on the sand and in the water and wore masks when walking around in town. Nearby Morito Coast is Zushi Beach and then Yuigahama in Kamakura, so I’m curious if anyone has been there recently. My impression was that those places would be busier.

Important to note that this is the Obon Holiday and many people are off work so the crowds could be worse than usual.

Tokyo Highways

Are so crazy. The amount of looping and turning, the many levels, and the cost! But that’s city life I suppose. Even with a GPS it’s pretty easy to get turned around if you’re not paying attention. Drive Carefully! I also saw a group of bikers and they seemed to be having a blast. Do you think I can join even if I can’t ride a motorcycle? Haha.

Have a nice and safe Obon Holiday Japan friends!

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